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Healthcare Business Education, Inc. (HBE)

Serves state and local agencies and health and human service providers


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CDL (Community Data Link)

Accountability Software for the Human Service System

CDL is unlike other software


bulletWeb-based software using 2X Technology for remote access
bulletHIPAA compliant -- highly secured data
bulletOpen-ended SQL or Access database that are fully accessible for custom reports. What you put in, you can get out!

Software capabilities

bulletCounts or measures data
bulletWarmline Tracking Module
bulletReports data or outcomes
bulletTracks and reports

bulletclients (identifiable and de-identifiable)
bulletinternal or external referrals
bulletperson or provider specific details
bulletindividual or family specific details
bullet needs of child or family


bulletSearches by person/family/personal identifier/DOB/providers/case #
bulletRetains history of clients/services/needs/sessions

CDL brings you efficiencies - Standardized data elements such as:

bulletName (or tag if de-identified person)
bulletDate of Birth (I.e. age feeds from DOB)
bullet Personal Identifiers unique to individual (by service organization)
bulletAddress (location and mailing)
bulletPerson Type (i.e. Parent Guardian, Youth Dependent, Grandparent, etc.)
bulletFarm-worker status
bulletHousing and household type
bulletPrimary Language (person specific and family)
bulletSecondary language (and level)
bulletOther states lived
bulletMarital Status
bulletPhone number
bulletIncome Source
bulletHighest education
bulletYears in state
bulletDisabled/Special Needs
bulletSchool Catchment
bulletCounty Partners          Learn more...

Technology and Tools that help local agencies be more accountable and efficient