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Healthcare Business Education, Inc. (HBE)

Serves state and local agencies and health and human service providers


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GOODS (Greater Oregon Online Data Service)

Web-based Human Service and Public Safety Resource Database

Internet software for health and human service organizations that provides real-time data access to 8,500 national, state and local health and human services for Oregonians.

Charged with service integration, Oregon communities began to plan and strategize about how best to reduce administrative duplication and frustration, about how to effectively eliminate access barriers, and also focused on how to most efficiently meet the needs of Oregonians. Since 1993, Oregon has seen communities create brilliant and successful service integration projects throughout the state.

Community progress, however, depends on:

bulletsystematic identification of statewide resources
bulletsystematic updating of community and state-wide resources
bulletcoordinated technology that all service providers may access
bulletefficient methods of printing resource directories for those they serve
bulletlow or no-cost access to updated resources

Healthcare Business Education, Inc. and Helion Inc. developed GOODS (Greater Oregon Online Data Service) to meet those needs.

As funding cuts and service integration continue to bring change to the human service system, community providers struggle for time, skills and funds to keep up with resource changes--estimated to be at least 40% each year. Organizational names, numbers, addresses, service descriptions, focus, affiliations, funding, staffing and leadership are changing constantly: resources come, go, move and grow. With only a few exceptions, service providers have given up the time-stealing task of keeping resource information current.  GOODS provides a cost-effective way for local health and human service providers to have access to real-time local and state resources.

Contact HBE at (503) 510-5685 if your organization is interested in an HBE-access agreement for human service providers in your county.




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